As in other stages, these studies provide initial preparation for a particular profession which, in this case, must relate to the profession of administrative assistant.

The new Plan of Studies of this stage aims to offer better adaptation to the needs of the modern professional environment. To this end, the new curriculum intensifies the training and qualification of the future technical degrees, increases training at high school level and through internships in private companies. Students will complete over 2.000 hours of training, which is a significant increase from 1200 under the previous plan. Furthermore, the updated Plan of Studies includes English in the training of the subsequent technicians and allocates three hours to the Department of Administration during the students’ 2º year so that they may complete the degree with different concentration possibilities, as each school sees fit.

In IES TRASSIERRA, students can study on morning schedule with compulsory attendance: students must come to classroom. The stage is organized in two years: the first year is made up of three terms from September to May. During the second year, of identical duration, the last term is dedicated to the completion of an internship with an outside firm.

The modules that are studied are the following ones:

Firat year


Second year


Managerial Communication and Customer Service


Information Processing Bookkeeping


Managerial Operations of Sale and Purchase


Administrative Operations of Human Resources


Business and Management


Business in the Classroom


Computer Information Processing


Auxiliary Operations of Budget Management


Bookkeeping Technique


Hours of free configuration




Training and Work Guidance


Training in the Workplace


Facilities: a classroom equipped with 30 internet-connected computers. There are also filing cabinets for practice, a library for our students and air conditioning.

Entrance: students must have in possession a GCSE; if they don’t have one, they can enter after passing a exam in which they demonstrate their maturity and a degree of knowledge similar to that obtained in a GCSE.

Labor Insertion: approximately 80% of the students who complete this program find a job.

Further information:

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