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 Last Monday, 12th February 2018, it began the week of mobility in Erasmus + project. “European Active Citizenship” has been coordinated by our school for two years.

On the first day o mobility a group of teachers and students from all the other countries members of the project ( Croatia, Finland, Italy and Latvia) were welcome by the coordinator, Eduardo Cas, and the management school group. They also had the chance to visit our school.

After that, the visitor students participated in a Gymkana prepared by Rafael Luque, Antonio Calvo (teachers) and Khamel Ganemi (4º ESO student). The students were grouped in teams with students from different countries, so that they could get to know one another.

Next, they make a touristic visit to our town, led by our teachers Anselma Alcaide, Ana Gallo and Francisca Bascón, besides some students from 4º ESO and 1º Bachillerato, who explained this visit and gave information.
Finally, the day had a coexistence experience with a meal, in which all the teachers, students and families who receive foreign students took part.

This week seems to be very amazing, with teaching and cultural activities which will end with our mean event, the theatre performance of “THE RIGHT DECISION” in Góngora theatre. Some celebrities in culture and education in Córdoba will attend it, and also other bilingual schools from Seville and Córdoba.

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