Administrative Services

Intended for pupils aged 15 to 17 that have not obtained their GCSE.


Basic Vocational Training offers students an alternative that allows them to get a basic professional qualification that facilitates their access into the world of employment without prolonging their school attendance beyond the age of eighteen.

Target group

Students enrolled in Secondary Education fulfilling the following requirements will be able to gain access:

  • They must be 15 or 17 years old during the year.
  • They must be currently enrolled in 3rd year of secondary education or, in exceptional circumstances, the previous course.
  • They must be recommended by the management team according to the School counselor.
  • Parental approval.

Duration two academics years

Professional Modules

First Year
Cod. Module H.WEEK.
3005 Customer Support 2
3009 Applied Sciences I 5
3011 Communication and Society I 8
3003 Basic administrative techniques 7
3001 Computer data processing 7
9997 Academic tutoring 1 1
Second Year
Cod. Module H.WEEK.
3002 Basic office applications 7
3004 Archive and communication 5
3010 Applied Sciences II 5
3012 Communication and Society II 7
3008 Training in the Workplace 0
3006 Preparation of orders and sale of products 4
9998 Academic tutoring 2 1
9999 U.F. Prevention and safety at Workplace 1

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