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On November 16, 2018 took place the day of Coexistence. This complementary activity was organized jointly by the Department of Orientation and Physical Education. The activity consisted of a trekking in the vicinity of the town of Santa María de Trassierra. A total of about 106 students participated, who were accompanied by four teacher-tutors, Lidia Villar, Lola Pastor, Remedios Medina and Cristina Romero, and the guidance counselor of the center, Trinidad Berral. In spite of the delay caused by the problem of the transport service, it was possible to complete the planned route of about 13 km that had been prepared, all thanks to the good behavior and motivation of our students, who were able to enjoy a spectacular day and the company of their friends and this gave them in turn, the opportunity to get to know each other better.

We started at the beginning of the Trassierra Path and headed to the first of the Bejarano Stream, ending at the Popea Baths and heading to the collection point at the “Virgencita de Trassierra”.

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